Rhododendron from my garden

This 8″ x 10″ watercolour painting is based on a line sketch I did early this year. I did this straight with brush and watercolour without pencil outline.  I think it is a lot fresh and clearer.




Ink and washed A4 300g NOT watercolour paper.  One woman in my painting group keeps giving me reference photos of birds.  This is one she gave me before Easter break.  I had been looking at the photo for a long time and eventually decided to establish the tone using permanent Japanese carbon ink then tinted it with watercolour.  I think the result is OK as a learning exercise.



watercolour on A4 NOT.  After outlined the flower and leaves with pencil I wetted the whole paper with clean water then very loosely added Q gold to the follows and leaves.  After the first was dried I added various yellows from lemon yellow, deep yellow to yellow ochre.  Green is made up from q gold and cobalt blue.  Finally added dark made from raw umber and cobalt blue.  Not too displeased with the result as a study.DSCN2415

Garden Produce

The watercolour sketches are directly on my 5″x8″ Moleskine watercolour journey.  I read a lot bad reviews of it online.  Initially I do feel it is not as good as watercolour paper.  Yesterday I tried it with very wet application and was presently surprised that the result was far better than tinting it.  The sketches are Mountain Magic tomatoes and Blenheim Orange apples from my garden.  This is also the first time I sketched with watercolour without pencil underdrawing.