Winter walkers

A painting friend gave me an old newspaper cutting of winter walkers as a challenge. The photo was taken by Murdo Macleod in March 2018. According to the cutting, the print of the photo is available on guardianrchive.the I hope Mr Macleod did not mind me using his photo as a reference for painting exercise only.

watercolour on A3 NOT paper


Hartley Mauditt

My Friday group has started the outdoor painting this season. Today we went to St Leonard’s Church in Hartley Mauditt. We are very lucky with the weather. The church was build in 11th century. It locates next to a lily pound. I image how lovely it would be in a few weeks time when the flowers blossom. I did a quick watercolour sketch of the church across the pound then moved on to the nearby cottage.

Corfe Castle

My daughter took me to the Corfe Castle Village as a Mother Day present. We had a lovely coastal walk from Studland to Swanage on Saturday. I did some sketches on Sunday while my daughter had a 20-mile run.

Corfe Castle from the West Hill on a very misty morning about 10am
Walked the length of the West Hill and came face to face with the castle around 11 am
St Edward Parish Church, Corfe Castle Village from the castle
The Greyhound and the Bankers Arms at the Square, Corfe Castle Village

Nepalese Potter

The watercolour painting (almost A3) is based on a photo my husband took on our trip in Kathmandu. There were pots everywhere in the old town. I learned to be patient and even though this painting took a long time but it was quit smoothly. I did a sketch in a A3 sketchbook first. The drawing on the watercolour paper was relatively easy as I had done most of the observation during the sketching stage.