quick 15-minute sketches

This week our Tuesday art group decided to draw each other.  Each of us sit for 15 minutes by turn.  We run out of time at the end, so it is 2-by-2 instead.

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Another little hamlet in Hampshire.  Pencil and watercolour sketches in A4 Cartridge sketchbook.  Grey sky to start and sunny at noon.




Holy Cross Church, Binsted

North Gate, Trogir

Trogir is an well preserved ancient town on the central Adriatic coast of Croatia.  It is known for its mix of Renaissance, baroque and Romanesque buildings.

A A4 watercolour on NOT 140lb paper from a photo taken on a sunny morning.  I attempted to do a quick sketch but there were so many tourist groups crowded in front of the gate.  It was impossible.


Sailing Holiday in Croatia

Just came back from a week sailing holiday in the middle region of Croatia.  We also managed to have a bit of sight seeing everyday after mooring.  There are many interesting historic buildings, food was excellent, people were friendly.  A very impressive country.

I also have done some quick sketching too.

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The Shard from London Bridge Rail Station

Last month my husband took me to London for a lunch at The Shard.  We were early so I did a quick sketch standing outside the London Bridge Station.  The sketch was a bit too small so lack of sufficient details.  I could not find images on Internet from the same view point so I went back there with a little camera early this month.  I couldn’t get the whole building in the frame.  I took multiple photos on parts of the building and the surrounding area.  The painting is therefore part sketch, part from reference photos and part imagination.  The painting is using Acrylics on A3 canvas board.