I have joined a new painting group last term.  We have a group leader who set the theme but we are freed to choose media and subjects.  I am very pleased with this approach as it encourage us try things we would not think of otherwise.  The follow two are both acrylics I started in the group but finished at home.  The tree is done totally with palette knife except the shafts of light.  The pumpkin was drawn with charcoal on a yellow thin acrylic background then used black acrylic to outline the objects and shadows.  The painting was done by applying acrylic with brush and finished off with thin glaze.

One thing I learnt is that I have to take time looking and thinking in the process of painting.


View from Room 315 Hotel Columba, Inverness

This is a watercolour sketch based on a recently sketch of my recent touring holiday in Scotland.  The original sketch was done in our room in a late afternoon.  A bird flew in front of the window just the moment I had enough.  I couldn’t resist of adding it into the picture.  I was thinking of develop the original sketch into a painting and playing with the composition.  I tried a tighter crop but people think the original one is better.  Not quite make up my mind as I don’t know what to do with the left bottom corner.


Still Life

Recently joined a new painting group.  This group is quite structured.  We are following a set theme but allow to choose our own subjects.  The current theme is two dimensional without perceptive.  It is quite fun to try new things that I do not normally do.  This is a A3 acrylic on acrylic paper.  The subjects are real life objects set in front of me while the background was made up.

I found painting acrylic on proper acrylic paper is far far easier than on oil paper or watercolour paper.


Daily Sketch – 10

Unfortunately, I had not been feeling well the last few days, nothing serious but not well enough to sketch.  So I failed my own daily sketch challenge the start.  Anyway, nothing stops me picking it up again later.  Meanwhile I just do what I can.  Yesterday, I did a pencil drawing of a porcelain statue of a goddess of mercy I bought from my last holiday in Hong Kong.


Graphite HB mechanic pencil in A4 cartridge sketchbook