View from Room 315 Hotel Columba, Inverness

This is a watercolour sketch based on a recently sketch of my recent touring holiday in Scotland.  The original sketch was done in our room in a late afternoon.  A bird flew in front of the window just the moment I had enough.  I couldn’t resist of adding it into the picture.  I was thinking of develop the original sketch into a painting and playing with the composition.  I tried a tighter crop but people think the original one is better.  Not quite make up my mind as I don’t know what to do with the left bottom corner.


Rooms with Views

We had just come back from a wonderful touring holiday in the Highlands and Islands of Scotland.  The weather was mixed with some heavy down pour and hot sunny days.  When When it was too windy and wet, I did some sketches in car and hotel rooms.  Here are some from hotel rooms.


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View of Selborne from the Gilbert White zig-zag path

Lovely view walking up the zig-zag path to the Selborne common.  The path was dug by the White brothers in the 18th century.  Pencilled on an A4 cartridge sketchbook and added watercolour at home.  The Selborne village is beautiful particular those thatched cottages.  Will certainly going back.DSCN1152

Frensham Great Pond

It was a sunny hot summer day.  Sitting at the far corner of the main car park looking over the sand beach and the distant hill.  I was amazed how purple it was.  Lot of heather in the conservation area in the middle.  The distant hill was covered with purple.  Even the grass behind the near fence was littered with purple.

The sketch is done in my A4 cartridge sketchbook straight with ink pen and tinted with watercolour.  It is the very first time I have not penciled in first.  Quite pleased with it as a sketch.DSCN1112