Short Drawing course at the Watts Gallery (5)


We were using Acrylics to day.  We were told to block the big shapes then put the background colours to get rid of the white paper as quickly as possibly.  After 30 minutes I asked my tutor whether I could have a new piece of paper to start afresh because I was very unhappy of what I was doing.  She said I could but she would teach me how to rescue it first.

She asked me one more time to confirm I really did not want to continue what I was doing then she rubbed the whole paper with paper towel until the whole thing came to a muddy grey mess.  She then started blocking the shapes.  After a while she handed the brush back to me to continue.  She gave me a good base and I decided to continue.

It was challenging but a good lesson.



Milky way with imagine seascape.  Acrylics on A1 board.  I watched a video demonstration on Youtube programme called “Painting with Jane”.  She painted the milky way with very closed-up stonehenge.  Initially I was tempted to follow her but with a more distant stonehenge group.  However, after painted the sky I changed my mind to add some waves at the bottom instead.dscn2195