Life pencil drawing with a little tint of watercolour ink brush on A3 cartridge sketchbook.



Short Drawing course at the Watts Gallery (6)


This is my final lesson.  We have a new tutor today as our usual tutor is on holiday.  We are using water mixable oil!  I never used used it before.  We are told to use neutral colour all over the paper to get rid of the white then block the big shapes.

I started well today and get her likeness.  But I couldn’t get the colours right for the face and lips.  Her face was quite red and her lips are more neutral.  I think I over correct and over worked the face.  She ended up looking very wooden.  Portraiture is not easy particular for naive using unfamiliar media.

Another challenging lesson.  I may go back for more lesson next year.

Short Drawing course at the Watts Gallery (5)


We were using Acrylics to day.  We were told to block the big shapes then put the background colours to get rid of the white paper as quickly as possibly.  After 30 minutes I asked my tutor whether I could have a new piece of paper to start afresh because I was very unhappy of what I was doing.  She said I could but she would teach me how to rescue it first.

She asked me one more time to confirm I really did not want to continue what I was doing then she rubbed the whole paper with paper towel until the whole thing came to a muddy grey mess.  She then started blocking the shapes.  After a while she handed the brush back to me to continue.  She gave me a good base and I decided to continue.

It was challenging but a good lesson.

Short Drawing course at the Watts Gallery (4)

The lesson was at the Watt Gallery.  Unfortunately the model was ill and we had a volunteer sitter for a portrait drawing with pencil.  Lessons learnt:  a) I should have stepped back at an early stage to check my measurements. b) I should have outlined the shapes including shadows more confidently.

One important emphasis the tutor stressed is we should do the shading with conviction.


Short Drawing course at the Watts Gallery (3)

We have our lesson at the Clove Learning Studio attached to the Limnerlease.  I arrived just before the tea break because I had an unmovable commitment.  Even just for half the time, I would not miss the opportunity to draw a life model.

When I arrived, my tutor gave me options of either use pencils or charcoal.  I chose charcoal and chalk on brown paper because I can work faster.  I could not resolve the foot better because the drawing board was rather small.  The lower part of the paper was hanging in the air.

I rather enjoy working with brown paper.  It allows me working on the dark and light and leave the mid tone.  I find this way is a lot easier than leaving high lights on virgin white paper.


Life Drawing – 22 Mar 2016

Today’s session is the last before end of spring term.  We are doing shading using finger rubbing in usual a 20-mins quick post following by a 2 x 20-min longer one.  Very unusually, we have the same model for a third week.

Both drawings are white chalk on black A1 sugar paper.  I told my tutor’s advice of adding verticals behind the model in the second drawing.  I think it is a good advice.  The drawing becomes more solid.

This is my last life drawing post because I decided to use the time to do some outdoor drawing in summer.


Life Drawing – 8 & 15 March

We have the same model for two weeks with usual format, 20 mins warm-up then a longer post.  I did all drawings with white chalk on black A1 sugar paper.

I am quite happy with the drawings in week 1.  I think I got the proportion and solidity right.  However, I am not particular happy with the hatching.  They can be a bit tidier.

In week 2, I experimented using different weight of the lines.  I am particular pleased with the result on the right leg of the model of the short post.  It shows exactly the light from the lower right angle.  I was struggling with the right leg of the longer post.  I am still not happy with the hatching.


Week 1 20 min post


Week 1 long post


week 2 20 mins


Week 2 long post