Life Drawing – 22 Mar 2016

Today’s session is the last before end of spring term.  We are doing shading using finger rubbing in usual a 20-mins quick post following by a 2 x 20-min longer one.  Very unusually, we have the same model for a third week.

Both drawings are white chalk on black A1 sugar paper.  I told my tutor’s advice of adding verticals behind the model in the second drawing.  I think it is a good advice.  The drawing becomes more solid.

This is my last life drawing post because I decided to use the time to do some outdoor drawing in summer.



Life Drawing – 8 & 15 March

We have the same model for two weeks with usual format, 20 mins warm-up then a longer post.  I did all drawings with white chalk on black A1 sugar paper.

I am quite happy with the drawings in week 1.  I think I got the proportion and solidity right.  However, I am not particular happy with the hatching.  They can be a bit tidier.

In week 2, I experimented using different weight of the lines.  I am particular pleased with the result on the right leg of the model of the short post.  It shows exactly the light from the lower right angle.  I was struggling with the right leg of the longer post.  I am still not happy with the hatching.


Week 1 20 min post


Week 1 long post


week 2 20 mins


Week 2 long post

Life Drawing – 1 March 2016

This week we were told to draw just using curve lines.  Both drawing are black A1 sugar paper.  The first one was drawn with white chalk with the model sat on a top stool in a 20-min session.  The second one was done in 2 x 20-mins sessions.  I draw with white chalk in the first session and after a coffee break, I overdrew it with oil pastel only use dark green, light sap green and yellow.  It was a fun session and everyone enjoyed it.

Life Drawing – 2 Feb 2016

The first standing figure is white chalk on black A1 sugar paper.  The second sitting figure is white chalk and charcoal on black A1 sugar paper.  Initially I want to just use white chalk and leaving unspoiled areas for dark but I find the paper is not dark enough.  So I add charcoal.

On the whole, I am quite happy with them.

Life Figure Drawing 19-01-2016


This is done in 20 mins with white chalk on A1 black sugar paper.  We supposed to do hatching not cross hatching in this session.  Unfortunately, I have jumped the gun and started cross hatching before the tutor’s instruction.  Anyway I have to continue with it.  I think the proportion is almost correct except the lower belly.

Last week I used putty eraser to create mid-tone but in this session I decided to have a cleaner approach by reinforce the white instead.  On the whole I am happy with the result.