Life Drawing – 8 & 15 March

We have the same model for two weeks with usual format, 20 mins warm-up then a longer post.  I did all drawings with white chalk on black A1 sugar paper.

I am quite happy with the drawings in week 1.  I think I got the proportion and solidity right.  However, I am not particular happy with the hatching.  They can be a bit tidier.

In week 2, I experimented using different weight of the lines.  I am particular pleased with the result on the right leg of the model of the short post.  It shows exactly the light from the lower right angle.  I was struggling with the right leg of the longer post.  I am still not happy with the hatching.


Week 1 20 min post


Week 1 long post


week 2 20 mins


Week 2 long post


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