Delacroix and the rise of Modern Art

I went to see the exhibition at the National Gallery.  I came across him when I read the biography of Vincent van Gogh recently.  I was also impressed by Delacroix’s Arab Horses Fighting in a Stable 1860 at the exhibition of Inventing Impressionism.

There are a number of paintings that I particular like in this exhibition.  The first one is Delacroix Self Portrait 1837.  The brushwork is very loosed and beautifully economical, particularly of the hair and the collar.  The image can be seen Delacroix self portrait.

Another impressive portrait was John Singer Sargent’s Lord Ribblesdale which was chosen to compare  with Delacroix’s.  It is an rare occasion of Sargent’s full length male figure.  It was said the composition was influence by Delacroix.

The Lion Hunt 1861 is a small painting showing not just preys were hunted by human but also the preys attacked the hunters and their horses too.  It was said Delacroix was influenced by Leonardo de Vinci.  Delacroix’s understanding of animal anatomy contributed to the liveliness and drama of the scene.

The exhibition was well put together and will end on 22 May 2016.  You may like to see the video The Curator’s Introduction beforehand.


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