Mount Everest from Rongbuk Monastry

A A3 Acrylic painting based on a photo we took in our 2007 land trip at Rongbuk Monastry in Tibet.  It was a cold cripy morning.  Rongbuk is about 7km from the Everest Base Camp.  Mount Everest known in Tibetan as Chomolungma, means “Holy Mother”.



Yumbulagang Palace

The first palace of Tibet, built in the 2nd Century BC.  It was destroyed during the Cultural Revolution and rebuilt in 1982. It is situated about 12km from Tsetang, on a ridge above the Yarlung Valley, home of the first Kings of Tibet.  Believe to be the birth place of Tibetan civilisation.  The painting is a A3 Acrylics based on a photo taken on the first day of our land trip from Lhasa to Kathmandu a few years ago.DSCN3721

Buddha Head study

A little 8″x8″ acrylics painting using a technique that I’ve learned from the short course at the Watts Gallery.  During the tea break of the last lesson, our tutor showed us two of her initial steps of her portrait painting technique.  Basically it is dry brush the mid tone to serve as guides for dark and highlights.  It was too late for me then because I was too far down the wrong track already.  I think I gave it a try and found that extremely helpful.



Milky way with imagine seascape.  Acrylics on A1 board.  I watched a video demonstration on Youtube programme called “Painting with Jane”.  She painted the milky way with very closed-up stonehenge.  Initially I was tempted to follow her but with a more distant stonehenge group.  However, after painted the sky I changed my mind to add some waves at the bottom instead.dscn2195