White lily from my garden.  Even though it was labelled as white lily, it’s buds are deep ruby scarlet red.



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Milky way with imagine seascape.  Acrylics on A1 board.  I watched a video demonstration on Youtube programme called “Painting with Jane”.  She painted the milky way with very closed-up stonehenge.  Initially I was tempted to follow her but with a more distant stonehenge group.  However, after painted the sky I changed my mind to add some waves at the bottom instead.dscn2195


I have joined a new painting group last term.  We have a group leader who set the theme but we are freed to choose media and subjects.  I am very pleased with this approach as it encourage us try things we would not think of otherwise.  The follow two are both acrylics I started in the group but finished at home.  The tree is done totally with palette knife except the shafts of light.  The pumpkin was drawn with charcoal on a yellow thin acrylic background then used black acrylic to outline the objects and shadows.  The painting was done by applying acrylic with brush and finished off with thin glaze.

One thing I learnt is that I have to take time looking and thinking in the process of painting.


Still Life

Recently joined a new painting group.  This group is quite structured.  We are following a set theme but allow to choose our own subjects.  The current theme is two dimensional without perceptive.  It is quite fun to try new things that I do not normally do.  This is a A3 acrylic on acrylic paper.  The subjects are real life objects set in front of me while the background was made up.

I found painting acrylic on proper acrylic paper is far far easier than on oil paper or watercolour paper.