Short Drawing course at the Watts Gallery (1)

I started a short course run by and at the Watts Gallery this month.   For the first lesson, we were told to be prepared to have lesson outdoor.  Unfortunately, it was rather cold and wet for the number of days.  We were having our lesson in the Watts Studio instead.  11 of the 12 registered students had turned up.  We spread ourselves between the Mary Watts Studio and GF Watts Studio at the Limnerslease.  We were told to draw everything and anything that we saw, not as objects but as shapes and lines relating to each other.  The tutor went round each student to check their work and give individual advices applicable to them.

I chose the model of the, Art and Craft, Watts Cemetery Chapel situated in the Mary Studio.  There were lots of corrections.  I learnt that mistakes are OK.  It would be priceless if I have learnt how the spot them along the process.




Ink and washed A4 300g NOT watercolour paper.  One woman in my painting group keeps giving me reference photos of birds.  This is one she gave me before Easter break.  I had been looking at the photo for a long time and eventually decided to establish the tone using permanent Japanese carbon ink then tinted it with watercolour.  I think the result is OK as a learning exercise.