Spring flowers are wonderful this year.  The A4 watercolour on 300g paper is based on a photo I took from neighbour’s garden.




watercolour on A4 NOT.  After outlined the flower and leaves with pencil I wetted the whole paper with clean water then very loosely added Q gold to the follows and leaves.  After the first was dried I added various yellows from lemon yellow, deep yellow to yellow ochre.  Green is made up from q gold and cobalt blue.  Finally added dark made from raw umber and cobalt blue.  Not too displeased with the result as a study.DSCN2415


Milky way with imagine seascape.  Acrylics on A1 board.  I watched a video demonstration on Youtube programme called “Painting with Jane”.  She painted the milky way with very closed-up stonehenge.  Initially I was tempted to follow her but with a more distant stonehenge group.  However, after painted the sky I changed my mind to add some waves at the bottom instead.dscn2195