Short Drawing course at the Watts Gallery (4)

The lesson was at the Watt Gallery.  Unfortunately the model was ill and we had a volunteer sitter for a portrait drawing with pencil.  Lessons learnt:  a) I should have stepped back at an early stage to check my measurements. b) I should have outlined the shapes including shadows more confidently.

One important emphasis the tutor stressed is we should do the shading with conviction.



Short Drawing course at the Watts Gallery (3)

We have our lesson at the Clove Learning Studio attached to the Limnerlease.  I arrived just before the tea break because I had an unmovable commitment.  Even just for half the time, I would not miss the opportunity to draw a life model.

When I arrived, my tutor gave me options of either use pencils or charcoal.  I chose charcoal and chalk on brown paper because I can work faster.  I could not resolve the foot better because the drawing board was rather small.  The lower part of the paper was hanging in the air.

I rather enjoy working with brown paper.  It allows me working on the dark and light and leave the mid tone.  I find this way is a lot easier than leaving high lights on virgin white paper.


Short Drawing course at the Watts Gallery (2)

This lesson was held at the Watts Sculpture Gallery using the casts of the old master.  We were to draw with charcoal of shapes and values, not lines.

There were a number of various sized Clytie.  The room was quite dark. We needed to rely on one spot lights and natural light from the sky light.  The large dark Clytie in the middle of the room was beautiful.  But the room was very crowded with huge castes and the number of students, I was unable to find a place with sufficient distance and unobscured.   I chose a smaller dark one sitting high up at the top of the side cupboard with a bit of natural light from the roof window.  My object was accompanied by another even smaller light coloured version.



The outside light was fading quickly.  The highlight and shadows were shifting all the time.  Just before the tea break, my tutor told me to start a new one after the break as by the time we come back, there will be no light from the roof window.

After the break, I chose a caste, with good spot light from the building’s structural beam, inside the bottom shelf of the same cupboard that my first object was sitting on.  This time I was looking down on my object instead of looking up.

Only seemed passed no time at all after I only positioned the eyes, my tutor hurried me work faster.  Here is the image of the second drawing.  I am not too displeased with it.


Short Drawing course at the Watts Gallery (1)

I started a short course run by and at the Watts Gallery this month.   For the first lesson, we were told to be prepared to have lesson outdoor.  Unfortunately, it was rather cold and wet for the number of days.  We were having our lesson in the Watts Studio instead.  11 of the 12 registered students had turned up.  We spread ourselves between the Mary Watts Studio and GF Watts Studio at the Limnerslease.  We were told to draw everything and anything that we saw, not as objects but as shapes and lines relating to each other.  The tutor went round each student to check their work and give individual advices applicable to them.

I chose the model of the, Art and Craft, Watts Cemetery Chapel situated in the Mary Studio.  There were lots of corrections.  I learnt that mistakes are OK.  It would be priceless if I have learnt how the spot them along the process.