Painting Landscapes in Watercolour by Rowland Hilder

The background and style of Hilder were almost opposite to Wesson even though they were contemporaries and painted many similar subjects and locations.

The books is in three sections.  The most interesting one is the second section containing eight demonstrations going through different stages of the painting process from planning to finishing including how to correct errors and his frank assessments on his only work.  I value his honest self assessment.  It is very refreshing.  It is a great way to learn.

I love how he described What is a Good Painting.  “Why not just enjoy doing and looking at paintings and cherish the mood evoked by painting that turns is on?  … When all is said and done, the quality of a work will depend on whether it conveys a significant mood or expresses a quality of beauty, or whether it can open the doors of visual perception…the essence of good style is the art of making a clear, simple, direct statement.”

There are some of his paintings in the V&A collection.  More images can be found on Internet.


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