The art of Edward Wesson by Ron Ranson

Edward Wesson, referred to affectionately throughout the book as Ted, was an English self taught watercolour artist.  His work was known for its simplicity, boldness and mastery of brushwork.  He is remembered by many painters as a very encouraging teacher. The book is basically a collection of over 100 images of watercolour and oil paintings and ink line drawings with very concise but insightful commentary with a brief introduction of his artistic journey, the tools he used and his philosophy.

I love his direct, economic strokes.  Most of his paintings were done in one wash.  contradictory to his loose paintings, his line drawings contained exquisite fine details.  Some of his works can be seen in various websites. Artnet Somerset Fine Art

Another book ” The watercolours of Edward Wesson by Steve Hall & Barry Miles” with very good review.  But I personal prefer the Ranson one.  I


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