Life Drawing 12 Jan 2016

Today is the first session of the spring term 2016.  When we broke off last term, we were told to bring in some black paper this term.  I am quite pleased of them.

The first standing female is done in 20 minutes warm-up.  It is white chalk on A1 black sugar paper.  I think I got the solidity  and weight of the body.  The model is surprisingly muscular.  She gave the impression of ancient Greek athletics.

The second sitting post of the same model is done in two 20-mins sessions.  I started with white chalk but failed to convince the 3 dimensionality.  I resorted to adding soft colour pastels.  The foreshortened right foot is most difficult.  Other than that, I think the drawing is OK.  The proportions are mostly correct.

In general, I find sitting figures are more challenging than standing ones.



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