My tutor has been very particular about using grid from the very first assignment report.   The following is a line drawing washed with indian ink after John Piper’s ‘Blenheim’ 1954.  The reference picture is 6.5 cm x 13.5 cm.  I scaled it up to 6.5″ x 13.5″.  I measured the grids in the middle of a 12.5″ x 16″ 140b watercolour paper.  I outlined the buildings with a 2H mechanic pencil then over it with a 0.3 micron ink pen.

This is the very first time I wash with indian ink.  I did not know how much water to add.  The first wash was a bit tentative.  I did it from the right to left.  By the time I reached the left half I was more comfortable with the process and became more brave.   I liked the left side better.  So I gave the whole drawing another wash to add some depth.

I always find line drawings with ink wash pleasing but I have never tried it myself.  I find this experience not as scary as I imagined.  I am quite pleased with the result.  The wash certainly adds some characters to the drawing.


Line and indian ink wash on watercolour paper, after John Pipr ‘Blenheim’ 1854


line drawing with micron 0.5 pen with the reference picture


after first wash with indian ink


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