Escape into the Amazing Strange Worlds of M C Escher

MC Escher is my all time favourite graphic artist since I first saw his moebius strip ii 1963 poster on the wall of my computer class decades ago.  I went to his first exhibition in the UK at the Dulwich Picture Gallery yesterday.  It was like a dream comes true seeing his works first hand, not on the computer screen, not reproductions in books but physical prints.  The best of all is some prints are accompanied with their pencil drawings and early design process.  The Dulwich The Amazing World of M.C. Escher exhibition will end on 17th January 2016.  It is worth a visit.

The following are some exhibits I particular like

White cat 1919, wood cut 251mm x 163mm.   Lines are very economical

Phosphorescent Sea 1933, Lithograph 245mm x 327mm

Dolphines 1923, woodcut 492mm x 291mm.  Very abstracted amazing movement.

Eye 1946, Mezzotint.  It was accompanied with a pencil drawing prepared for the print.

Bond of Union 1956 Lithograph. 339mm x 253mm.  This reminds me Dali’s Galatea of the Sphere though they are different in style and temperament.


An article The Strange Worlds of M C Escher will give you a very good introduction to Escher.


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