Autumn is my favourite season of the year.  I love the harmonious beautiful colours yet their beauty is so short-lived.

Basingstoke canal

The Basingstoke Canal is drawn in a 5″ x 8″ 200g Moleskine watercolour journey.  I did the rough pencil lines first then drew over them with a indian sepia ink pen.  The colour was applied using a water brush with a little Winsor & Newton Cotman travel watercolour box.  I am quite pleased with all the tools and equipment.  They are light weight and convenient.   Previously I mainly do pencil, may be occasionally pen, sketches outdoor.  Perhaps I will do more colour one in the future as I have found out the joy of watercolour.

autum maple

The Japan maple was an accidence.  I used to have a huge Japan maple tree in my garden.  It was fast growing and eventual it was cut down as a result of complaint from neighbour.  However, a tinny sapling grew out from an escaped seed in the nearby rockery.  I dug it out and replanted it in a pot to keep it under control.  The drawing is in a A4 cartridge sketchbook.  The middle part was penciled in first then coloured of watercolour with a water brush.  Both side were just water brush with watercolour without pencil.  I am still learning the properties of the water brush.  Very pleased with it.


This live-sized plane leave is 11″ x 11″ on 300g watercolour paper.  I did a pencil outline then tinted it with watercolour.  This time with conventional brushes.  After it dried I went out the outline with a permanent sepia ink pen then strengthen the colour with addition wash.  This drawing was done over several days.  The leaf had lost all it’s colours by the I applied the second wash.  I only relied on my memory and bit of artistic licence.   I think the outline would be better if I have done it with a fine rigger.  May be next time.


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