Part 4 Project 2 Ex 2 Essential elements

This time draw a sequence of six different poses lasting ten minutes each.Adjust the light so that it hits just one side of the model, to emphasise the three- dimensional form. Take time to look at the model and identify the darkest and lightest areas. Remember the basic shapes and begin to shade in the darkest tones.

Build up the different tonal values with loose hatching and/or broad sweeps of dark tone. Leave the white paper without marks for the lightest tones.  Draw the whole of the figure, and don’t concern yourself with detail.

I think I posted this and the last posts last week but somehow lost in the ether.  Here again based on my memory.  I can only manage 5 of ten-min draw in the life drawing session last week.  I had no say about the posture nor the lighting.  All window blinds were drawn and the room was lighted up all over.  There are not much tonal variations on the model.

The model set in one post and I moved around her unobtrusively in the gaps between other course mates.  I superimpose the central axis on the digitised images on my computer at home.

Were you able to maintain a focus on proportion at the same time as creating a sense of weight and three-dimensional form?

I think I have managed sense of weight and three-dimensionality, particularly those from the side.

Which drawing gives the best sense of the pose and why?

The bottom of the left-hand-side one is the best.  The foreshortened feet and legs were quite realistic.

Was there any movement or gesture away from the model’s central axis? If so did you manage to identify this and put it into your drawing?

The model has a very bended back and sagged body when sitting in a low sofa.  I just try to draw when I see instead of drawing an ideal body.

IMG_0479 IMG_0480 IMG_0481


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