Part 4 Project 2 ex 2 A longer study

Find a pose that your model is comfortable with and that they can hold for an hour, such as a seated position; take breaks every 15 minutes or so.

Draw small marks onto the sheet of paper indicating the outermost points of the figure (the top of the head, the angle of the shoulders, the tips of the toes, knees, etc.). This will give you confidence that you’ve measured the proportions correctly and that the whole body will fit into the rectangle.

Draw a long pose with your chosen medium. Keep checking the body measurements up, down and diagonally, comparing one part with another, for example the length or width of the head compared to the hand. Remember that the lengths and widths that you see (the visual measurements) are often very different to the ‘actual’ physical measurements due to viewpoint and perspective.

pencil on A3 cartridge paper

pencil on A3 cartridge paper in week 1

oil pastel over acrylic underpaint on A2 cartridge paper

oil pastel over acrylic underpaint on A2 cartridge paper

Charcoal on A2 cartridge paper

Charcoal on A2 cartridge paper in week 3

We have the same model for three weeks.  The first drawing was done with pencil in A3 cartridge sketchpad at the life drawing class in week one in 2 x 25 mins session.  This model is quite small but with incredible long arms and legs.

The second was oil pastel over acrylic underpainting on A2 cartridge paper.  The underpainting was prepared at home based on a quick drawing in week one.  The underpainting was over work with oil pastel in a 25-min session in the life drawing class.  The drapery was longer than the first week so I extended it to over the models legs.

The third was charcoal on A2 cartridge paper in 2×20-mins sessions.  The model tried to post as week one so that we can continue the last drawing/painting if we wished.  I decided to start a new one.  I think the foreshorten legs and feet are better then the first one.

How well have you captured the characteristics of the pose?

I think I captured the pose well.  She was sitting comfortable and relaxed.

Does the body have sufficient weight and presence?

I think the drawing show a solid figure with weight.

Do the proportions look right? If not, how will you try to improve this?

The measurements of the legs are as I saw them but because of the foreshortening the left knee liks a bit unnatural.  The torso should be slimmer and more shaggier to show the age of the model.


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