Part 4 Project 2 ex 1 Quick studies

The following are quick studies using pencil and pen in a A5 sketchbook.  Mostly are my husband sitting comfortably.  The clothed woman study was drawn in my life drawing class today.  They are not exactly following the brief as I only make do whatever chances I have.  May do more with other media latter.

figure 1 figure 2 figurefigure 3

update on 1 Oct 2015

The left hand side one is a 15 min pencil sketch in my A5 cartridge sketchbook I did on my life drawing class last week (22 Sept 15).  The right hand side one is oil pastel on A3 cartridge paper done based on the pencil sketch in 20 min while I was waiting for life drawing class to start this week (29 Sept 15).

figure 5 IMG_0475

The left hand side one is a 15 min drawing with charcoal on A3 cartridge paper.  The right hand side is a tonal study, oil on 9.5″ x 12.5″ canvas grain paper I did at home.

IMG_0473 IMG_0474

I like the original sketches of both sets.  I think they are more energetic and lively.  However, I found drawing from sketch using different media is helpful in a way that it broke the challenge of applying the particular medium from the challenge of recording the forms and tones accurately.  If I take on painting more seriously in a later day, I will have to work from sketches.

One of my tutor’s comments on my assignment 3 was I mainly used line and wash in water colour in my exercises in part 3.  She implied I was staying too much in my comfort zone and suggested me to use other media especially pastel.  In fact I used water colour in my part 3 because I found watercolour challenging and wanted to practise more and also it is a good medium for landscapes.


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