Part 4 Project 1 ex 2 Emphasising form with cloth

Using very light marks, sketch the overall shape of the seated figure, remembering to fit it interestingly within the borders of the support. Then, disregarding details, concentrate on drawing the body and the fabric as though it were a single form, considering the cloth as much a part of the body as the skin, flesh and bones.Very lightly and simply indicate the general shapes for the head, hands and feet without going into detail. Your emphasis should be on the overall form of the main part of the body.Observe how the fabric moulds gently around and softens angles, and how marks and lines can create the illusion of three-dimensional form and believable weight.

IMG_0472 IMG_0471











Both are graphite HB pencil drawings in my A3 cartridge sketchpad.

The first one is Ian in loose fleece and jeans reading his ebook while sitting in the sofa.  I was surprised by the length of the legs and the size of the feet.  That is why I leave so much space at the top and no enough at the bottom for the feet.

The second one is myself in kimono dressing gown.  I can’t draw my feet because it is not a full length mirror.  This is the best I can do.

What difficulties did you encounter when approaching the cloth/figure as a whole?

I think the most difficult part is to convincingly describe a 3 dimensional body under the loose cloth.  It is so easy to loss sight of what is underneath the surface.


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