Assignment Three

Draw an outdoor scene of your choice. Try to find a view that includes some natural objects – trees, shrubs, pot plants, fields, garden plants. Also try to find a view that will allow you to demonstrate your understanding of aerial or linear perspective – in other words a view that has some demonstrable depth to it. Look for a view that offers an opportunity to draw straight-lined objects as well as items drawn from nature: buildings, walls, fences, gates and so on. This may seem like a lot to look for, but most views from windows and doors will offer you a bit of all of these things.

Farnborough Main Station, graphite pencil on A2 cartridge paper

Farnborough Main Station, graphite pencil on A2 cartridge paper

initial drawing

initial drawing

The above are the final drawing  and its initial drawing of the assignment three,  It is based on a photo I took earlier in the year on the platform while waiting the train to London on a sunny cold morning.  I have massively reduced the number of lamp posts on  the opposition platform and other fixtures in the middle ground too.

I have found difficulties in choosing the subject in order to demonstrate both aerial and linear perspective.  Initially I did a number of thumbnails of Basingstoke canal.  They failed in aerial perspective.  Then I moved on to the Cody statue in the front with Farnborough airport at the back and airplanes flying in the airshow.  I liked the composition but then they hardy show any linear perspective.  I dug out a photo I took at the Farnborough Main Station and did a rough sketch in my sketchbook.  I thought it was just perfect.

I drew a 6×6 grid on the photo and plotted it to a A2 cartridge paper.  I have not done much experiments with other media.  I recently watched a drawing video.  The artist drew beautifully just using a B9 pencil with all the different tones.  I went to see how far graphite pencil can go.  I admit I did use HB, B3, B6 and B8 pencils.

I like the ceiling of the platform cover and the shadow of the stair.  I have darken the steps in the sun because I don’t want to draw the eyes too much attention to the edge of the picture.  On the whole I am quite pleased with the result.

assignment 3 1 assignment 3 2 assignment 3


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