Part 3 Project 5 ex 4 Statues

For this exercise look for statues outside, in streets, parks, cemeteries, town squares, etc. Statue drawings can become a source of inspiration for further pieces as well as being completed drawings in their own right.

Decide what interests you about the particular statue. You could focus on silhouette, tone and negative shapes. Alternatively you could look at the textures created by erosion and lichens. Look at the play of light on the statue created by the other objects nearby or draw the statue in context – what’s beside, behind or in front.

Wellington Statue, Aldershot, Charcoal on A1 cartridge paper

Wellington Statue, Aldershot, Charcoal on A1 cartridge paper

Neighbouring town, Aldershot is the home of the British Army.  The Wellington Statue is a significant landmark there.  I did a number of quick sketches in my A4 sketchbook sitting in my car at the far end of the Wellington Statue car park.  It was a lovely sunny morning but with heavier dark cloud in mid and distant sky,  It was just perfect to show off the statue which stood high on a mount surrounded by shrubs and trees.

I did the final drawing at home with charcoal on a A1 cartridge paper.  I am quite pleased with the composition and the clouds.  The statue is almost centre of the paper but not exactly.  I think the mid-ground trees and front shrubs frame the statue nicely.  I am glad that I used a A1 instead of a A2 paper.


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