Part 3, Project 5 ex 3 A limited palette study

Using your sketches from the previous exercise, select a drawing to develop in colour.

Begin with a horizontal line that defines your personal eye level. Use a limited palette for this exercise – no more than three colours.

The following images are the limited palette study on a A3 cartridge paper and the original sketch in my A4 sketchbook.  I used B8 and brown and blue watercolour pencils for the study.  I did the vertical lines first but I couldn’t determine where is the horizon line from the original sketch so the perspective is not quite correct.

Were you able to create a sense of depth with your limited colour palette?

I think so.  I don’t think colours contribute much in the sense of depth in this study because aerial perspective is not playing any part.  The play of light and shadow was more important in this study.  Also the tonal graduation and texture were mainly achieved by shading using the B8 pencil instead of colour pencil.


residential block on the way to rail station

residential block on the way to rail station


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