Defining Beauty : The Body in Ancient Greek Art

I went to the British Museum to see the Greek Art exhibition.  Details can be seen via the link

Defining Beauty: The body in Ancient Greek Art

It was an enjoyable experience.  The volume of work was not too big and mainly from BM’s own collection with a few borrowed from aboard.  However, the exhibits were well presented with references to ancient Greek beliefs and other related cultures.  The first very thing attract my attention entering the first room was the Disc thrower.  It was well lit in a dark black room.  I immediate found a non-obstructing spot along a wall to do a kick sketch.  I was not the only one sitting there doing sketching.

The second image is an abstracted female naked figure from Cyclades c2700 – 2500BC.

The third one is Belvedere Torso, first time appearance in the UK.  The Belvedere Torso was the inspiration of Michelangelo.  I couldn’t resist to have a quick sketch but finding a spot to sit down and from a good angle prove challenging.

bodybody 1body 2


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