Part 3, Project 5 ex 1 Sketchbook of townscape drawings

For this exercise, carefully select a viewpoint that gives you somewhere to sit comfortably while you’re sketching and making notes. Focus on one particular building, for example a corner site or a building façade, and notice how the other buildings support your main focus.

Make written notes about your sense of the place (does it evoke an emotional response?) as well as the appearance of the scene. Take note of your eye level which will become the horizon line – this helps place the buildings and organise linear perspective. Notice details of the buildings and scene around you, such as the proportion or placement of windows and doors on the building’s façade, the building materials, the pattern and texture of bricks, as well as the colours.

I have found this exercise most difficult in choosing a subject.  I have tries a few places.  Firstly, the residential block on my way to Farnborough Main station is one of my local favourite.  The wind power generators and the sliding roof tops made it very different from other buildings in my area.

The next was the Meads car park.  Last year during my foundation course, I did an assignment titled A Square Mile.  It required me to produce a body of art work based on research of one squared miles.  When I searched the Internet about Farnborough, the Meads car park came up as one of the top 10 eyesores.  I didn’t think it was that ugly.   In fact I found it interesting.  I did a quick sketch sitting outside my local Sainsbury supermarket car park.

I like both buildings but found them a bit too challenging.  So I moved on to something simpler.  The Aviator Hotel is a very modern building.  It situates at the edge of Farnborough airfield.  The exterior of the building is in the shape of a propeller.  I walked around the building to decide on a composition.  I did a thumbnail and was happy with it.  When I moved on to the detailed line and tone sketch, it was getting quite windy and cold even on a sunny day in June because it was very exposed.  So I moved on to my old favourite, the nearby Wind Tunnel.

All the following are pencil in my A4 sketchbook.

residential block on the way to rail station

residential block on the way to rail station

Meads multi storey car park, Farnborough

Meads multi storey car park, Farnborough

Aviator Hotel, Farnborough

Aviator Hotel, Farnborough

Wind Tunnel

Wind Tunnel

The following is a drawing of the Wind Tunnel I did at home based on the sketchbook.  The drawing is line and wash on a A3 cartridge paper.  I did an outline using pencil and then over it with a 0.5 micro pen.  Detailed line are 0.3 micro pen.  I then add water colour wash.  I am relatively happy with the result but I think the sky would be better if I use watercolour paper instead.



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