Part 3, Project 4 ex 3 Aerial or atmospheric perspective

This exercise is about tonal gradation. When you’re working with perspective and the suggestion of distance, you should notice that tonal values become lighter as the amount of space between the eye and the horizon increases. Detail is less clear and focus steadily reduced.  Using drawing media such as charcoal, soft graphite, conté sticks, soft chalky pastel, oil sticks and ink, make several tonal studies that analyse receding features of the landscape from foreground to mid and far distance.

The best place around my neighbourhood to see the aerial perspective is the Farnborough airport.  I sat on a road side between the boundary of the airport and the Aviator hotel this morning to do the following sketch.  It is graphite pencil in my A4 cartridge sketchbook.  The sky was heavy with thick cloud.  It was surprisingly cold.  I was shivering and couldn’t draw straight lines.  The best I could do was jumpy dots.  But I would not give up without a quick sketch.  I managed to get the general idea of the elements with far distance vegetation, middle ground control tower and hangers.  I was surprised that the far distant vegetation was very green and not as blue as they used to under a blue sky.  I was not sure whether it was due to the cloudy condition.   I ignored the foreground as it is just a road between me and the airport ground.  The plane was coming in landing just by the time I was about packing up.  It is a crime not to include it.

When I arrived home, I did a colour study with charcoal, pastel and white chalk based on my quick sketch and my memory.  It is on a A2 cartridge paper.  I quite like the sky and the distant vegetation.  The control tower and hangers are OK but I am not happy with the runway and the grass.  I think I like the composition of the original sketch more than the cropped version.  The original sketch gives better sense of depth and space.  I may be able to put everything in if I use a A1 paper instead.  The plane was also omitted because I don’t feel it has a place in the cropped view.

I may do more later but I will move on to the next exercise for now.

aerial perspectiveIMG_0403



2 thoughts on “Part 3, Project 4 ex 3 Aerial or atmospheric perspective

  1. I like them both. The sketch does provide a more atmospheric view, but I really like the cropped piece. It’s expressive and I think that you have achieved a moodiness here that surpasses the feel of the sketch. Really good.


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