Part 3, Project 3 ex 1 Developing your studies

Review your preparatory drawings from Project 2 and select those that have most of the elements that you would like to include in a larger drawing. It may be that you’ve already produced a composition that you now feel is strong enough to take further. You could decide to focus on a single form that dominates the composition, or you may have in mind a group of forms that can be positioned in an interesting manner, using repeated colours, lines, marks, textures and so on across the picture plane. Whatever you decide, try to be adventurous in your subject and in your composition. Test your growing skills and show that you can work beyond the expected.

IMG_0393 IMG_0394 IMG_0395

I choose one of the sketches I did in the Lake District for this exercise.  The original sketch was A4 sign and my studies are in similar size.  I just want to try out different media.

Firstly, I did it with watercolour on 300g watercolour paper.  I quit like the cloud but I would like the blue behind the cloud a bit more subtle.

Next I did it with a black ballpoint pen in my A4 cartridge sketchbook.  I want it with an etching effect.   I think I have achieved that with the cloud and the near side land, not quite sure about the middle ground.

Last I tried it with oil paint on 300g canvas grain oil paper.  It is almost A4 size.  This is my first time use this paper.  I quite like the cloud but prefer the blue sky a bit lighter.  I like the distant mountain but not sure about the water in the middle and the front ground salt marsh.

It may not look adventurous but I am new to watercolour and even less experience in oil.  I just use this opportunity to try out new media.


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