Part 3, Project 2 ex 3 360 Studies

Choose an expansive landscape where you have an open view in all directions. Start one drawing looking north. Use your viewfinder to find a focal point, frame your view and complete a 15-minute drawing.

Then turn your stool on the same spot to face west, south and east. Each time repeat the process of finding a focal point and complete another 15-minute drawing.

This exercise should teach you how the landscape view changes by just shifting your viewpoint slightly. Many artists return to a favourite spot and, simply by shifting their viewpoint, see something entirely different in the landscape.

The following sketches are done in my local park.  The first is ducks in the little pond.  Iris in the background are not yet flower, only with little buds.  The young waterlily leaves are just popped half way through the water surface.

I turned 90 degrees facing an open green with trees in the front ground and in the far end.  The distance from where I sit and the far end was big.  I don’t think I have handled the middle ground well.  There were people walking about.  I shall have drawn some activities in the middle to show the sense of depth.

The third one is a path leading to the park entrance gate with cars and houses behind it.  Some one was riding a byte towards the gate by the time I was about finishing this sketch.

The last one is just two trees.  There are many trees and shrubs in this direction.  I was attracted to these particular two, oak on the right and birch on the left.  They were backlit.  I found there foliage interesting.

360 sketch 3 360 sketch 2 360 sketch 1 360 sketch 0















Research point

We are asked to looked at works by old masters as well as contemporary artists.  I have only started appreciate Monet‘s landscape and seascape paintings since I saw them recently at the Inventing Impressionism exhibition.  I admired his composition as well as his skills in depicting lights.

I am not keen on Cezanne even though he was regarded as the father of Modernism by Picasso.

I am drawn to David Hockney‘s late works, particular his Yorkshire series.  They were his signature bright and cheerful colours but adding the story telling elements.

I have mixed feeling towards Peter Doig’s work.  I do like their dreaming quality, a sense of out of the world.

I find Nicholas Herbert’s landscape drawing of Chiltern Hill very much similar to JMW Turner’s late work.  They are pretty to look at but without physically looking at the original works it is very difficult to tell whether there are any depth.









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