Part 3, Project 2 Ex 2 Sketchbook walk

Go for a walk in your local park, around your garden or somewhere you normally walk. Find a view that you like or are familiar with and use your viewfinder to help you focus on a point of interest. This could be trees, a gate or a road. If you can’t get out, focus on a view from a window – or use a photograph.

Make four sketches during your walk. You’ll be drawing rapidly and you may make mistakes – but don’t rub anything out. You can draw over any mistakes and re-state what you want to depict. Try to capture the idea of what you see through drawing; think of your sketching as taking notes. Try to get everything in, no matter how roughly. Fast drawing helps you to concentrate and see more clearly, shutting out unnecessary ‘noise’.

I have made two walks, one in the Lake District the week before and one yesterday in my neighbourhood.  Both were made in the morning before 11am.  They were in 2 separate A4 cartridge sketchbooks.

The first coloured one was drawn before breakfast in the sitting room of my in-laws’ overlooking Morecambe Bay at low tide.  Weather was good with light cloud.

The second one was drawn when I walked along the salt mash of Grange-over-sands looking across Morecambe Bay around 10am in low tide.  Heysham Nuclear Power stations are on the middle of the righthand side on the horizon with a huge stream plume.  Weather was good.  Clouds were heavier with patches of blue sky.

The third one was foot path and cycle path behind the local library towards the entrance to a car park under a flyover.  There were many layers of trees behind the car park and even further afar.  I found this spot when I did the previous group of trees exercise.  The sky was cloudy with intermittent sun light shinning through but not long enough to draw the shadows.

The last one was the now disused wind tunnel.  It is a huge building.  The middle section is covered with dark grey material.  Initially I wanted to capture the whole structure to show its size but realised I need a bigger piece of paper if I want to show some details too.  So I decided to just pick the middle top section.  By the time I sat down the down, the cloud had rapidly build-up to a very overcast grey sky.  The very grey building standing under the very heavy grey sky was watched with a very heavy heart.  It is a reminder of an industrial might from an bygone era.

This wind tunnel was one of the biggest in the world at sometime in the past.  I came across this place last year while volunteered at the Wind Tunnel project coincided with the biannual Farnborough airshow.  More information can be found at the Farnborough Air Sciences Trust website.

sketchbook walksketchbook walk 1sketchbook walk 2sketchbook walk 3


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