Live Drawing (28-04-15)

Today we have a man with a dog.  The first drawing was a 20 mins warm-up charcoal on A2 cartridge paper with the man banding down pretending he was doing some woodwork.  Again I tried to measure him for a one-to-one drawing.  I found the figure was too small for charcoal.  I should have moved myself closer to the model or used a pencil instead for a full figure drawing.  Alternatively, I should have just drawn part of the body or using the head as measuring unit against other body parts to scale up.

The second one was pencil on A4 cartridge sketchbook in 2 x 30 mins session.  We were freed to choose whatever medium we like.  After the lesson learned in the warm-up session, I decided to try one with pencil.  I think I captured the likeness of the man and his dog except the I lost his salt-and-pepper moustache.  I found myself calmer, less panic,  in a longer drawing session. IMG_0356 IMG_0357


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