Assignment 2 Reflection and rework

My tutor gave me some pointers for improvement in my assignment 2 report.

What is Drawing?

One common theme was my unfinished work.  That prompted me think hard on what is a drawing and how does it differ from being a sketch.  I found the blog posted by Debby Kasperi (assessed 16 Apr 2015) is the best.  In summary she said “What’s a sketch, but a quick record of a momentary experience? And what’s a drawing, but a finished rendering? In my book, a sketch has a lot of air between the lines, captures ephemera, and is usually raw material for something more complete later on. Drawings, while they may be done plein air as though they were sketches, are begun with more forethought and planning and potentially a frame, mat, glass and space on someone’s wall in mind. The sketches stay in the book where they belong. The drawings are the final product.”   

I think her assessment echoed what I read recently in the book of Vincent Van Gogh’s drawing too.  The following are two pieces of work I have worked on further and hopefully they are now more acceptable.

The first is the man-made objects pencil on A2 cartridge paper.  I extended the line of the table top to the right to avoid the board hanging in the air and darkened the background around the objects so that they stand out a bit.

Man-made objects, Pencil on A2 paper (before)

Man-made objects,
Pencil on A2 paper (before)



The second is the chair, oil pastel on A2 cartridge paper.  I washed the background wall and the bookcase with white spirit so that they look more solid.  I put another layer of colour on the chair and the floor.  I also added some accent to the hanging carpet.  I think the chair is more 3 dimensional.





Composition and colour theory

Composition is my weakness.  I will pay more attention in this area and do more planning.

I admit I know not much about colour.  My fellow blogger Gina’s recent post gave me a head start in this area.


The above just a few issues highlighted in my assignment report.  So I have a lot to work on.


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