Part 3, Project 1 ex 1 Sketching individual trees

In this exercise, we are asked to do 4 preliminary drawing of individual trees.  After a very long gestation period, the weather today (9 Apr 2015) is eventually warm enough to go outdoor.  I did the sketches all with a HB mechanic pencil on my A4 sketchbook.  I tried out the mechanic pencil and quite pleased with it.  I think it is great in quick outdoor sketching.  This is the best time to observe tree structure before they are covered by foliage.

The ash tree is in my back garden.  The others are  trees in my immediate neighbourhood that I walked pass many times.   The ash tree is big.  Its shades a large part of the vegetable plots.  We paid someone to cut off one of its branches.  Birds love this tree.

There are a lot of different pines in our area.  Some are majestic.  But unfortunately quite often part of them are hidden from view  because they are in people’s back garden.  The pine I draw today is at the gate of Farnborough Technology College which I passed everyday the year before when I did my foundation course.

The oak tree is on my way to supermarket.  Isn’t is beautiful?  The cherry tree is on my way to railway station.










4 thoughts on “Part 3, Project 1 ex 1 Sketching individual trees

  1. Hi Maria, Great timing with the blossoms and buds, looking forward to seeing your work in this bit. I surprised myself by enjoying the tree project…


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