Assignment 2

Acrylic on the back of a 140lb 12.5" x 16"  watercolour paper

Acrylic on the back of a 140lb 12.5″ x 16″ watercolour paper

Following the garden bird  and my home environment themes, I chose the bird feeder and birds for assignment two.

This is the view I saw every day at breakfast sitting in my kitchen.  I have done a few thumbnails and a preliminary drawing before attempting the final drawing.  Even so, I did changed some elements of it to make the composition more appealing.

I started the sky with watercolour because I would love to be able to paint watercolour.  Big mistake attempting running before walking!  I made a real messy of it.  So I fell back to acrylic.  Lesson learnt: learn the tools properly before applying it in any work!  Am I using the most appropriate medium, colour and method?  I think so.  I have yet gained confidence in using watercolour; oil pastel or chalk pastel are not very good in small details.  Acrylic is the only colour medium I can use right now.

I think the composition works.  The diagonal facial block and gutter lines cutting the vertical lines of the supporting pole and the feeder adds dynamic energy to the drawing  whilst the birds provide focus in the centre.

I am happy with most of the tones.  I have simplified the complex tones reflections on the gutter.  I have also moved the shadow of the feeder from the left to the right to give the bird darker background.  I am not entirely happy with the left bottom corner.  The tone of the bar on top of the pole and the rest of the white roof are very close.  I find it difficult to draw them correctly.   The subtle reflection on the pole was difficult too.

Anyway, I find sketchbook is a very useful tool.

pre aassignment 2

preliminary drawing



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