Part 2, Project 6 ex 3 Tonal study


Tonal study – charcoal on A1 cartridge paper

I have looked around again to find a place with interesting tonal variations.  I think the fireplace is an ideal because the contrast between black and white and the reflected light on the painted wood and metal.  I started with a few thumbnails in my sketchbook.  I then tested out the charcoal on a A2 sheet of paper because I am not very confident with charcoal especially I have never handled a large area of black before.  After the test piece I decided the tonal study needed to be on a A1 paper because there was not a chance I could managed all the details on a A2 paper.  On the whole I am happy with the study.  I like the composition and the tones but the wood frame was a bit of a mess.  I simply could not draw long straight lines with charcoal.  In the process of drawing I discovered not all blacks are equal.  Even the black hole in the middle with different shades.

test charcoal on A2 cartridge paper

test charcoal on A2 cartridge paper

Thumbnails in A4 sketchbook

Thumbnails in A4 sketchbook


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