Part 2, project 5 ex 3 & 4

There were some white birds flying caught my eyes.  They were seagulls.  It was very unusual of them.  I have never seen so many of them in my garden.   I thought to draw them for ex 3.  I gave up after a few attempts on A2 sugar paper.  I thought wandering albatross will be more interesting.  I dug out some photos from our trip to Antarctica as reference material.  So I combined ex 3 and 4 together.  Below is a drawing of a wandering albatross in the South Ocean, using charcoal and pastel on an old piece of A2 greenish-grey sugar paper.  Albatross is a majestic bird. I chose to draw the bird as big as possible to the edges of the paper because I like want to emphasis it’s size.  I also include some sketches and preliminary works in my sketchbook.IMG_0308



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