Part 2, Project 4 ex 3 Experiment with mixed media

This time, experiment with using both traditional art tools and ‘non-art’ media. Use wax crayons, ballpoints, highlighters and fat marker pens together with pencils, dipping pens and oriental brush pens (and so on). Think again about your support; perhaps use a coloured wash and/or collaged, textured surface. Whichever media you choose, make notes on how the drawing style, visual effect and conceptual possibilities change or emerge with your use of the different media.

IMG_0285 IMG_0286

These two drawings were based on a sketch I did for previous exercise.  They are dip pen with Indian ink and watercolour on 13.5 x 21cm 300g watercolour paper.  They are not too adventurous but I quit like them as they are.

I have also done some other experimental sketching on my A4 sketchbook.  The first one is black ballpoint pen with pastel.  The shadows are smudging pastel.  The second is oil pastel with graphite pencil shadows.  I think both can be improved with darker shadows using charcoal instead.  I think they are quite fun but not everyone’s taste.




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