Rembrandt – The Late Works

Visited the Rembrandt exhibition at the National Gallery.  Details can be seen at

The curator has done a very good job.  I particular like some of variant of the same prints putting side by side.  Some prints are in various development stages.  I was astonished by a woman’s head transformed from wearing a cap to drawing back her hair in a bun in the serious of prints “Woman sitting half-dressed beside a stove, 1658”.   The quality of the prints exhibited are far far better than those recently auctioned at the Christies.

A lot people praised the master’s late works over his previous one as a path to new techniques and style.  It is not a question that I like his late works but I think his earlier works were equally breath-taking.  I will pick the “Portrait of Catrina Hooghsaet, 1657” if I can only have one from the entire exhibition.  The fresh of the subject was so real that the skin over the subject’s temple yielded by the gold hairpin just like a live person.  You need to see the actual painting to appreciate it.  Photos cannot do its justice.


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