Part 2, Project 3, Ex 3 Detail and Tone

In this exercise you’ll practise building up dark, medium and light tones, principally using pencils and hatching and cross-hatching techniques.


Iron, pencil in A4 sketchbook


Which drawing media did you find most effective to use for which effects?

Charcoal is good for expressive tonal drawings but not very good in details.
Pencil is good for detail work.  I find pencil is very forgiving and easy to use.Black ballpoint pen gives stronger and clear contrast and definition.
Soft pastel is expressive and similar to charcoal, not very good in defining details.
Oil pastel is expressive too.  I am pleasantly surprised by the property of mixing colours through layering.

What sort of marks work well to create tone, pattern and texture? Make notes in your sketchbook beside some sample marks. This will prove useful as you continue your journey as an artist.

Look at the composition of the drawings you’ve done in this project. Make some sketches and notes about how you might create more interesting compositions.

I have considered the chosen subject and the composition carefully before I drew.  I think I have used the space well and achieved a reasonable depiction of the subject.  I can’t say the composition is prefect that can’t be improved.  However, it would be more helpful to suggest making sketches before the exercise as we were instructed.


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