Part 2, Project 3, Ex 1 Using markers or dip pens

I find difficulty in getting started.  I could not make up my mind what to draw.  I found it hard to choose my subject.  I was oscillated between the shells and the chrysanthemum.  I started with pencil studies because I found that helps me see things more clearly.  I did some thumbnail compositions for the chrysanthemum and tested out the marker pen.  I found marker pen is OK for a close-up drawing like the one below but not for the whole arrangement with the flowers and the vase altogether.   I found it too difficult to depict multi-layers of the petals and foliage with a very limited range of hues.   I may tackle it again in a later day but for now I decided to go back to my shells.


close-up marker pen drawing

IMG_0246 IMG_0247 IMG_0248 IMG_0250 IMG_0251

The following is my final drawing with marker pen in my A4 sketchbook.  I only use yellow, brown, black (outlining the shells) and purple (shadows).

marker pen drawing in my A4 sketchbook

marker pen drawing in my A4 sketchbook


I chose the shells because they were the poor creatures I ate in my summer holiday in France this year.  They reminded me the good time.  Of course I love their shapes too, particular the spiky one.   Initially, I put two spiky shells on the left and three others on the right.  I found that was too crowded so I took away one spiky one.  It gave the remaining one space to show off it distinct feature.  Also I used dots instead of lines for shadows.  Lines suggest movement but dots unify the objects better.


4 thoughts on “Part 2, Project 3, Ex 1 Using markers or dip pens

  1. Quite like your shells with marker pens. Colours are working well too, love the purple.
    Did you take ‘marker pen’ to mean ‘felt tip’ or are you working with marker pen as in for flip charts etc? I am confused by the brief for this one…


    • thanks Eve. The one I used is called sharpie pen. I don’t really know whether they are felt tip or marker. They are harder than those used for flip charts but the colours are similar. Colours can easily mixed on paper if you draw on wet marks.


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