Research Point – Part Two, Project 1 Composition (Positive and negative space)

Look at a range of artists working today and see how they incorporate positive and negative spaces in their work.

There is an article on the Creative Blog website illustrated brilliantly how negative spaces can be employed in art and graphic design. [1]

Tang Yau Hoong, a Malaysian graphic designer offers more example on her website.

I find Gary Hume and Patrick Caulfield interesting too.   I particular like Caulfield’s simplistic style.

Furthermore, employing negative spaces is not only work with two dimensional panes.  Rachel Whiteread did brilliantly in 3-D sculptures.



Patrick Caulfield 1936–2005, Lung Ch’uan Ware and Window image from

Rachel Whiteread, 2001 , ‘Untitled (Stairs) images from


[1] Kerrie Hughes and Aaron Kitney. (2014). the art of negative space: 25 amazing examples. Available: Last accessed 27 Oct 2014.


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