Project 2 – reflection and Jan Hardisty

A Still life image of Jan Hardisty was included in the course material.  I’ve found some of his work on Internet.  At first sight, most of his works look like painting but in fact they are photographs.  He is actually a photographer.  He uses unusual shapes, materials and lighting to create surreal images.  His works reminded me Dali and M.C. Escher.  Here are some of his work.


As you’ve probably realised by now, a flat area will never be evenly lit: the part closest to the light will always have the lightest tones and there will be some gradations of middle tones, however minimal. Look carefully at a flat surface such as a table top and see if you can identify the gradations of tone. Some light sources provide a more even tone, for example a fluorescent strip light or sunlight on a surface outside.

Review your work for the previous two exercises. How difficult did you find it to distinguish between light from the primary light source and secondary reflected light? How has awareness of tone affected your depiction of form? Make some notes in your learning log.

The following image demonstrates how the tone of the casted shadow changed gradually from the middle light line on the left to the right.  It is also interested to note that the edges of the casted shadow are sharper at the top and the bottom.  The edges became blurred while they progressed to the right because of influence of possible secondary light.

As for my own works, I normally can observe gradual shift of tones on both flat and curve surfaces but not always able to depict them correctly.  However, I do think I achieved in drawing the whelks.whelks of first dinner at Port Ventres


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