Project 1 Feeling and expression – research on Contemporary works

Julie Brixey-Williams’ drawing loctationotion.   The description on the web site is “52 dancers all over Great Britain performed one pirouette at exactly 11.30 on 9th June 2001 creating a series of hieroglyphs mapping time and location. These were made into an artists book locationotation published 2001.”

I don’t particular like Brixey-Williams’ work.  Her work lost at me.  I don’t get any emotion from looking at her work.  I don’t think she had even marked the time and location of the art either.

However, some other artists on the same site have succeeded.  Some examples below




How drawing might act as an emotional conduit between artist and viewer?  Is the image, the medium or the act that brought the art work into being that makes it ‘expressive’ or ‘expressionist’?

The colour pencil drawing of “Wisdom” conveys dignity and emotions of an old man far more convincing than any photograph can do.  I think it is due to the choice of configuration and colour.  The cropping of the face focus emphases the eyes and the knots between the eyes of the subject.  I particular like the limited and economic use of colour.   Choice of medium may help but I think watercolour or even oil can equally be as successful.  As whether the act brought the art work into being that makes it expressive, I think such as those in the Derek Overfield 2013 collection do.


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