Exercise 1 Expressive lines and marks

This exercise, I use charcoal, oil pastel, inscribe pastel and Chinese ink with Chinese brush for calm, anger, joy and frustrating.  I put 4 sheets of A3 paper on the drawing board to make up a A1 size area for each feeling.

I can do all the 4 “calm’ drawings with all chosen media relatively easy with similar effect.  The first charcoal is a bit light in the photo but I feel OK with it.

Strange!  I can’t express ‘anger’ with Chinese brush.  For all other 3 hard media, I can stab the paper from right to left with force but cannot do the same with the soft Chinese brush.   Because I am right-handed I felt the movement from right to left is more forceful and therefore angrier.

I find oil pastel is less able to express joyful and bouncing feeling as using charcoal and inscribe pastels.  I think I can do better with the Chinese brush if the paper is lay horizontally instead of attached to a vertical board.   Also, I find oil pastel is less effective in expressing “frustration”.

In this exercise, I concluded that oil pastel is less expressive than charcoal and inscribe pastels.  Actually, this is the first time I use inscribe pastels and quite like it.










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